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The School of Engineering Science (SES), designated as an International Demonstration School, was founded within Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO) to transform the engineering education curriculum. SES is devoted to prepare highly motivated students with multidisciplinary training needed for the 21st century workforce. It has attracted first-rate domestic and international faculty with outstanding scientific research credentials to collaborate on developing a curriculum that gives the students the knowledge to meet the technical challenges they will face in the future. SES students build a solid foundation in scientific and engineering disciplines, and they are also exposed to ample training opportunities for globalization, leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

In 2012, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and Ministry of Education launched the “International Demonstration School Promotion Plan” to conduct comprehensive reforms on higher education curricula, and to bring in teams of international experts to build the demonstration schools. These teams developed a system of creative teaching to promote student learning outcomes. The teaching will have an impact on the conduct of scientific research. School of Engineering Sciences (SES) is one of the first four pilot international demonstration schools established in China.

SES has three majors: Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, and Biomedical Engineering. In Sept. 2014, SES admitted its first 30 students through intramural selection. Starting in 2015, SES will enroll 30 students each year via National College Entrance Examination, with 10 for each major.

SES implements its cultivation plan by utilizing an international curriculum system, advanced teaching methods and an innovative management system. An overseas scholar will lead the organization. A team of superb international teachers, together with the excellent professors at WNLO, has developed an innovative curriculum.  The curriculum emphasizes fundamental topics, such as mathematics and physics.  SES students will experience small-sized classes and will receive interdisciplinary training. SES offers over 20 courses jointly developed and taught by the international and WNLO teams.  SES provides an extensive range of financial aids for different programs, such as foreign exchange training and graduation projects with top tier schools around the world. Each student is assigned one tutor to assist them in their studies. They will be supervised by talented scholars chosen from among “Outstanding Youths, Chang Jiang Scholars and Thousand Talents program”. The School pays equal attention to knowledge dissemination and moral/ethical education for good conduct of scientific research. SES hires excellent international teachers to set up a high-level project training program with classes taught in the English. International experts in career planning are invited to give lessons.  Meet-and-greet classes with international visitors are planned to broaden the students’ experience.

SES graduates should possess the following qualities: comprehensive thinking, scientific and engineering achievements, a multidisciplinary perspective and cross-cultural communication ability. Graduates are able to pursue further studies in first-class universities or scientific research institutions around the world and carry out cutting-edge research in interdisciplinary sciences, becoming leaders in the scientific community or engineering fields in the future.


SES cultivates leading talents in engineering field who have a multidisciplinary perspective, solid foundation of scientific and engineering knowledge, as well as global competency and leadership.

Goal & Vision

SES initiates undergraduate education in engineering sciences and builds the International Demonstration School. SES establishes innovative management system, faculty system, talent cultivation system and demonstration promotion system. SES nurtures talented and gifted students in engineering sciences, builds a base for national talent cultivation and scientific research cooperation, and explores higher education reform system and mechanism with Chinese characteristics.


Ten students will be admitted annually to each of the three majors of SES, Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology and Biomedical Engineering.

Training Objects

Thirty students with good English foundation will be selected each year through National College Entrance Examination.

SES offers small-class elite education, with a total of 120 undergraduates. The teacher-student ratio is 1.2:1.

We look forward to excellent students joining the program!

As SES, top-ranking disciplines, faculty, courses, scientific research and international exchange platforms, high-caliper students, fine tradition, and other superior resources are actively converted to advance a unique undergraduate cultivation program.

At SES, students are taught in accordance with their aptitude and encouraged to present their specialties, exploit their potentials and pursue excellence. With world renowned teachers, novel classes and experimental interactions, as well as individuality development, students’ scientific dreams and enthusiasm for lifelong learning are ignited.

At SES, we boast international and open exchange platforms where students can enjoy joint training programs, exchange programs, global internship programs, oversea summer schools, short-term international exchange programs, graduation projects at top-tier universities around the globe, as well as an educational program with more than 20 international courses.

At SES, we emphasize cultivation of innovative talents in the first-class scientific research environment, enlighten undergraduates’ scientific research consciousness and interest, broaden their academic vision and developmental capacity, and encourage them to enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, and immerse themselves in scientific research and scale new heights.