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Characteristics of Education


The School is led by a foreign dean, who with teams that include high-level, international faculty and first-rate faculty of HUST and WNLO, is conducting an internationalized teaching experiment.  SES is applying an international course system and advanced teaching methods. It advocates independent, critical and innovative spirit and pays attention to the development of the individual, so as to cultivate excellent undergraduates with solid theoretical foundation and strong innovative ability to find solutions to practical technical problems. To implement elite cultivation mode and ensure 1:1 teacher-student ratio, the School limits recruitment, offers small-class lessons, insists on attaching importance to elementary education of mathematics, physics, etc. and cross-disciplinary education. It periodically organizes meetings for students to meet masters and top experts to continuously broaden their vision and increase their ability to communicate.

International course system:

Refer to international benchmarks to formulate undergraduate cultivation plan, integrate and set up more than 20 international courses, have lessons taught by teams composed of curriculum-responsible professors and foreign experts in all-English or bilingual teaching, and equipped with high-level teaching experiments.

International exchange and training:

Carry out oversea training in multiple levels and channels (combine sponsoring the excellent and self-supporting). Implement oversea graduate projects, recommend and send students to international first-class colleges and universities and institutions to conduct project practice (expenses shall be borne by the University and individual at 1:1 rate).

Small-class individual tuition:

The School attaches importance on foundation education of mathematics, physics, etc. and major courses, and adheres to small-class lessons given by excellent teachers, paying equal attention to both imparting knowledge and moral education.

Individualized education:

1:1 Teacher-student ratio: Each freshman will have one tutor helping them in their study and major. Scientific research enlightenment will be carried out to cultivate students’ operational and innovation ability, scientific paper search and writing ability, as well as English application ability in speaking and writing. Students also have specially-assigned teachers instruct them in optional and minored interdisciplinary courses.

Scientific research training plan:

Excellent foreign teachers will be hired to formulate high-level training plan according to mid and senior grade students’ characteristics to enhance cultivation of their operational ability.

English application ability promotion plan:

Hire experienced foreign experts and the University’s core team in English teaching to periodically give lessons, conduct testing and evaluation as well as classified tutorship.

Personality and psychological tutorship:

Pay attention to students’ moral education, personality development and psychological health. With high teacher-student ratio and composite instructors, students can receive guidance in their daily life. Hire international experts in career planning field to give tutorship for students.

Qualities that graduates should have:

Macroscopic thinking (systematic concept, humanistic feelings, problem vision, leadership)

Scientific and engineering attainments (solid foundation in physics, math and chemistry, equal attention to science and engineering)

Multidisciplinary perspective (cultivation of expertise, knowledge of key subjects from multiple majors, and interdisciplinary study based on projects)

Cross-cultural communication ability (international faculties, international exchange platform of “111” talents introduction base)